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Under the Thinking Chocolate umbrella (or should that be gazebo), I have created
'Cake Tent' - the more portable, pop-up events side of all things chocolate, confection and bakery related - here's how it all began...

In 2015 I took a pitch at the first ever three-day Edinburgh Food Festival; it was new territory for Thinking Chocolate,
so armed with a tabletop groaning under the weight of cakes, traybakes and the fruitier side of my range of chocolates,
(it was summer after all),I took the plunge.


Teetering between optimism and trepidation, I was sold out in four hours. That night baking efforts were doubled. By day two word had spread and customers were arriving with Tupperware and cool bags to transport slices of cake by the half dozen to “take home for the family” (no judgement here). Day three saw orders being placed for whole cakes. It was fair to say at this juncture, we were on to something.

Being asked to supply cakes and brownies for the entire Edinburgh Festival was quite literally, the icing on the cake.
Five years on, it seems only fair that Thinking Chocolates younger, cakey sister business, gets her own name.


Welcome to the Cake Tent.


I have collaborated with brands to provide pop-up brownie and dessert bars for PR events and celebrations, as well
as held stalls at food festivals and bespoke pairing events for food and beverage brands.

A few of which include:

  • Assembly Festival

  • Wine Relief

  • Edinburgh Food Festival

  • Old Town Food Festival

  • Colony of Artists

  • Rose Murray Brown - expert guest at a wine and chocolate pairing

  • Stewart Brewing - expert guest at a beer and chocolate pairing

  • Balvanie Whisky - meet the maker events

  • Royal Botanic Gardens Science Festival - sell-out chocolate demo and workshops

If you have an Edinburgh event, festival or you'd like to discuss collaborating on a talk or pop-up then please email

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It takes approximately 1000 beans to make 1 kilo of chocolate

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