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As a child growing up in London, I was lucky enough to go on holidays to Spain with my parents. In Barcelona, amongst the colourful backdrop of Gaudi architecture and vibrant markets, I first discovered Chocolaterias...

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Thinking Chocolate founder, Nadia Williams

These amazing shops were more like theatres ot me. Seasonal produce woven into recipes handed down through generations, with elaborate creations taking centre stage. Every purchase was beautifully dressed in spectacular costumes of paper and ribbon, even the simplest purchase felt like a gift. The aromas and sights in these places to my young eyes felt so magical and transportative - worlds away from the 'corner shop chocolate' I used to spend my pocket money on.

This cocoa-inspired magic never left me, in fact it grew with gusto as I cultivated my interest in chocolate by collecting books, visiting shops, museums, plantations and of course... tasting!

To expand on this interest, I undertook online study with Pam Williams of Ecole Chocolat; the first lesson focussed on tempering - a process of melting and cooling chocolate. It was difficult, messy and got me completely hooked on the process of chocolate making at a molecular level.

My studies then led me to an intensive training course at Slatterys of Manchester. I flew home to Edinburgh on a cloud of cooca-induced euphoria and have been making chocolates ever since!

That child-like love of chocolate has never left me, 45 years on and my infectious passion, paired with years of practical knowledge and skills in the art of chocolate making, have led me to lead corporate events, private workshops and collaboration with world-renowned food and beverage brands with the common denominator always being - CHOCOLATE!

Whether you're looking to expand your own skills or are simply after a sweet treat, I hope I can help you 'think about chocolate' in a new light - whether through an unusual pairing in our signature truffles, or deepening your own palette to pick out the 200 flavour notes that cocoa has to offer...


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My signature Haggis Truffles have travelled to customers as far as Alaska and Japan and have been featured
by global press, including:

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Dark chocolate helps our bodies to produce phenylethylamine, the chemical that secretes
when we fall in love

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